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Process Plant and Equipment - Experience Supplement.

As part of the approval procedures for review and acceptance for suitably qualified companies here is a sample of the information to support our experience in Process Plant and Equipment and its design.

Vessels & High integrity Tanks & Silo’s

Ductgrove Consultants have had extensive experience in the design of Vessels & Tanks. Carrying out PD 5500 designs and code check calculations, also generating Technical Requirements specifications for the plant and equipment adhering to specialist company standards where applicable. (E.g. BNFL B29 plant Sellafield)

Heat Exchangers

Ductgrove Consultants have extensive experience using the TEMA Standard (Tubular Exchanger Manufacturer’s Association) and API 660 standards applied to shell and-tube heat exchangers, also the positioning of plant layout design also generating Technical Specifications from process data sheets and calculating allowable nozzle loads and designing piping and its support system. (For many Petrochemical and Oil Gas plants E.g. Shell Stanlow and Texaco)

Rotating Equipment

Ductgrove Consultants have had extensive experience the positioning for installation in process plants many types of pumps. Generating Technical Specifications from a process data sheets designing the piping to manufacturers allowable loads, for both suction and discharge piping also using API 610 standards applied to rotating pumps determining allowable nozzle loads and designing piping systems to achieve the allowable loads.

Fired Equipment

Ductgrove Consultants have provided the piping design stress analysis and installation documentation for many projects one of which was a Cochran water heating boilers Manufactured to B.S. 2790 - EN 12953, PD 2790). 10550 kW with a working pressure of 9.3 BAR for ASTRA Zenica with NNC Knutsford also working on the Combined Heat and Power plant and its piping for Sellafield along with other clients within the UK.

Packaged Equipment

Ductgrove Consultants have written Technical Specifications to order specialist compressor skid package units for British Gas, Transco and Costain oil and gas and ICI Runcorn, Inspected and been involved in the design for venor companies for skid mounted plant and equipment and its associated piping.   

Inspection and Quality Control of Process & Refinery Plant

Ductgrove Consultants have carried out many inspections of pressure plant and equipment, verifying witnessing hydraulic testing and approving its certification for pressure parts and valves for heavy-duty plant and equipment much of this work was carried out at (Cooper Cameron Corporation Leeds UK) for various oil and gas fields also writing a technical QA reports for tested equipment for NNC_Technica.

Process Plant Engineering Substantiation

Ductgrove Consultants were also in charge of the piping vessels and process plant engineering substantiation team at Harwell, proving life extension reviews of Key Safety plant an equipment ensuring the plant was safe an suitable for many facilities supporting the facility Safety Cases, producing Engineering Subsantiation reports over a (Two Year Period for NNC at the UKAEA Harwell site.