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Pipe Stress Analysis

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DUCTGROVE LIMITED is a Technical, Design and Analysis Consultancy with a client base across a diverse range of industries. DUCTGROVE LIMITED's formula for providing customer satisfaction is founded upon its wide range of key skills combining state of the art computer Analysis, along with a pragmatic approach to engineering challenges, using its vast expertise in Industry.

DUCTGROVE LIMITED has its headquarters at Grove House in Warrington, Cheshire.

DUCTGROVE LIMITED currently has consultants available on a contract basis, all of which are available as required, the number of which can fluctuate based on project demand.

All of DUCTGROVE LIMITED dedicated consultants are professionally qualified, Mechanical, Civil and Structural Engineers as well as Stress Analysts.

DUCTGROVE LIMITED provides its clients with a single solution for engineering analysis and is able to provide the full range of analysis skills necessary for the successful completion of new builds, modification, enhancement, refurbishment – projects also Including expertise in fracture mechanics. we also include full documentation capability from optioneering reports through detail technical specifications, implementation instructions, and full safety documentation, to satisfy legislation and code compliance.

Currently, major clients within the UK include:  British Energy Holdings, BPA, Transco, British Sugar, DGP, Multi Design and Panbourne Engineering  AMEC SELLAFIELD LIMITED

DUCTGROVE’s consultants have been involved with many blue chip clients

Managing Director

 Carl Knapper IEng MIED IoD



Contact :

+44 (0)1925 596116