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Consultant Engineers

Why you should carry out Stress analysis?

How Can Stress Analysis Help You and your Company ?

Listed below are just a few reasons why you should carry out Stress analysis.

The Law and Pressure Equipment

The most important reason stress analysis is carried out is that it is safety and a legal requirement in most countries with legal implications, therefore compliance is normally mandatory, If a design falls within the scope of a design code the design has to be compliant, the operator must always ensure that any calculations are carried out by a Specialist Engineer.

Code Compliant equipment

The Specialist Engineer will in most cases to ensure that the calculated stresses in the plant assessed are within the correct code allowable for all modes of operation and in certain circumstances, seismic qualification is required

Excessive ware of rotating equipment nozzle stresses

Excessive wear of rotating equipment can be avoided by employing various stress analysis techniques to ensure the calculated loads at the equipment nozzles are acceptable, this can ensure minimal down time, costly machinery does not have to be replaced due to incorrect installation of supports and piping arrangement.