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Pressure Vessel Design Philosophy

Many national codes use the concept of design by rule. Which essentially involves using calculations to arrive at basic design thickness for each component part via an allowable design stress. This is then followed by strict adherence to specific rules defined in the code for detail design. This process should always be carried out by a Specialist Engineer.

Pressure Vessel Design Codes

The Responsible Engineer should be aware of which design code is required for the vessel design and should be aware of the legal responsibilities, which is part of the selection and design process. The designs are also subject to legal  requirements therefore code compliance is mandatory.

Detail Design

To enable detail design of a pressure vessel the responsible engineer should ensure all design information is available at an early stage to ensure all the possible design issues are addressed. The Responsible Engineer should also ensure all the necessary process information is provided to enable the design or procurement of a suitable pressure vessel.

Design Calculations  

It is necessary to produce design calculations for pressure vessels, to prove code compliance, these calculations involve; using a code derived allowable stress for each calculation.